A classic Razr V3 mobile phone, featuring a sleek and slim design with a flip-open form factor.

From the Brick to the Bezel-less: Exploring the Most Iconic Phone Models of All Time

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, certain phone models have emerged as true game-changers, leaving an indelible mark on the mobile industry. From the early days of bulky “brick” phones to the sleek and bezel-less wonders of today, these iconic phone models have reshaped the way we communicate, interact, and experience the world around us. Join us on a captivating journey through time as we explore the captivating stories, groundbreaking features, and cultural impact behind the most legendary phone models that have defined the course of mobile history.

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How to Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC

How to Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC

Are you tired of playing your favorite games on a computer that struggles to keep up with the latest releases? If so, building your own custom gaming PC is the perfect solution. Not only will you save money compared to buying a pre-built system, but you’ll also have complete control over every aspect of your machine. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of building your own gaming PC step by step.

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Emerging Technologies That Will Shape Business

Emerging Technologies That Will Shape Business

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and businesses that fail to keep up risk being left behind. From artificial intelligence (AI) to blockchain, emerging technologies are transforming the way we do business. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most promising emerging technologies and their potential impact on businesses.

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video call apps

Remote work comes with new apps and… porn

For a lot of people, a video call is a foreign concept. We’re used to the idea of talking face-to-face or even from miles away via phone or social media. 

But what many people don’t know is that there’s been an increasing demand for remote work thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Although video calls aren’t completely safe. For example, there have been numerous incidents with people sharing and watching porn while in a meeting. 

In some cases, the meetings were actually hacked, and the hacker displayed videos of Anal porno.

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right to repair

Consumers need the right to repair

The right to repair is the allowance of consumer access to, and the ability to maintain and service the products they already own.

There are many different reasons why this is important, but some of the most common are increasing the lifespan of your products or helping you avoid having to waste resources due to product breakdown. 

Repairing your own devices saves money, time, and energy without sacrificing performance or functionality.

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Bella Thorne controversy internet announcement

The announcement of Bella Thorne’s entry on the Only Fans website has recently taken down the pornographic content platform server. In a post on her Instagram, the actress provided the link that gives access to exclusive intimate photos and videos, with a monthly subscription of 20 dollars. Thorne also made available a gift list on Amazon, for subscribers who want to give it away.

But if you were expecting to see the famous actress in a sort of hardcore sex scene, that could compete with some of the best pornstars in the market today (some were even imagining scenes of anal porn made by her!), then your expectations could be defrauded

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Tiny home PC

In the past, we made use of to have office desktop computers that were so large that they sat under our desks along with palm-sized personal digital assistants with 3-inch displays that might take care of fundamental web browsing as well as e-mail, yet were not suggested for productivity.

Fast forward to today, we have smartphones with screens larger than six inches that can rarely suit a pocket and also which are also not indicated for performance, yet we have palm-sized desktop computers that are still adequate for almost all workplace work. A few of them are rather low-cost too.

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man watching videos

Controversial practices – movies being posted in porn websites

In recent years, it’s not uncommon to find on porn sites well known Hollywood movies, series and even music or video clips that have been taken down by YouTube for copyright infringement of some kind. Indirectly, the practice has also become a kind of “finger in the middle” for big entertainment industries, making content available for those who can’t afford it. In a quick search for Xvideos, it’s easy to find stand-up shows, well-known cartoon films, documentaries and many other films that haven’t even premiered yet.

There are people who are really adept at these new practices of watching releases, for free, on porn sites. Some movies appear in Full HD on porn sites like Xhamster, exactly one day after they start being public in movie theaters. People started sharing for fun, but in the opinion of some it is something extremely useful.

For example, last year a whole series of blockbusters ended up on the well-known Xhamster porn site and other similar sites, eventually rivaling not only physical theaters, but also platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix . The ease that a user has in being able to upload videos on these platforms ends up being a great incentive. Porn sites, however, are not lawless corners of the Internet: in a matter of days, cultural products with reserved rights are taken off the air because of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

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The best apps to enhance your productivity

Using an attractive, efficient and intelligent task application can influence daily productivity more than you imagine. The differences between one system and another – especially when you manage multiple tasks each day – can end up making the difference between being productive and finishing the day without having completed everything as planned. There is also a need for planning your time ahead, so that you don’t get stuck in some sort of new web apps that are really well designed to keep you distracted and swiping content in your mobile phone every time your are changing between tasks (and I’m telling you this from a personal recent experience, while spending around 30 minutes, doing only swipe in a beautifully design porn app called Swyp porn)

Today, the solutions to this debate are almost infinite. Just open Google Play Store or App Store to find a wide range of solutions. Some of them are focused on team management, others on complex project management, and the remaining portion is simply focused on day-to-day tasks. But which one of them suits me best? To answer that question, we’ve put together a brief list of productivity applications and tasks you can find on the industry’s leading platforms that will meet your needs at any time.

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Protect your smartphone and avoid accidents

Due to the economic effort that its acquisition represents and the objective of extending its useful life as long as possible, protecting the iPhone screen as well as all its parts in general is a task that is always present in the daily life of its users, therefore, we constantly resort to all kinds of strategies to expose these equipment as little as possible to falls or blows.

We all know that the iPhone screen is an extremely delicate part, however, as it is the surface that we must manipulate daily for the use of the equipment, it is essential to take the trouble to establish a series of rules or guidelines to completely reduce everything that represents vulnerability to the good condition of the glass.

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