The best moving apps in App Stores

Fixed work and stable residence are almost reserved for generations before the millennials. The labor mobility that prevails in today’s society has transformed the lifestyle to the point of making housing or employment removals a constant. Several appsĀ have been born under this new situation, as for example, some that aim to revolutionize the freight forwarding of goods. The intention is clear: to help people move their things and help hauliers to facilitate their jobs.

Changing homes can be a very traumatic process, but it can also be stressful both physically and mentally. That’s why we must make use of the options offered by mobile technology and hire professional services that will make the transition much easier.

Apps that can help you move into your new house


It’s not strictly a moving planner, but it’s the best option you have on hand if you use Android. Trello’s idea is that you can create projects using dashboards, in which you can post lists, inventories, participants and workflows. Supports Dropbox and Google Docs, making it possible to add photos and videos. If you want someone to do something, you just assign them a task. When that item is complete, you place a check mark on the item. It is very likely that after the move you will continue to use Trello for other activities, because it is very versatile and has an infinite potential.


You have everything packed and ready to move, but you need a ride to your destination? The solution is Furgo, an application that connects carriers and users, through which you publish what you need to move and receive quotes on demand. You also have the opportunity to see the valuations of each carrier made by other Furgo users. If you have any questions, there is also a chat room for the parties to discuss each detail directly. Another interesting aspect is that Furgo works as a payment platform: it is charged in advance, but the carrier receives the payment when the service has already been carried out.


MagicPlan is an augmented reality application, designed to accommodate objects and furniture in an environment. With this app it is possible to establish the measurements of a space and calculate how the objects would look in that place. It’s ideal for knowing if the refrigerator comes in, if the couch will be through where you pass or if the door hits another object. It’s easy to use, because it’s based on the photos you take with your mobile camera. Once you have everything measured, you can download images in different formats or share them with other MagicPlan users. In that sense, it is a free app, but some options are paid for (for example, the license for commercial use).