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Leading dating apps in 2020

Dating apps are already well established in today’s app market, offering a variety of platforms to connect people whether they are looking into serious relationships or just willing to find a single sex date or eventually a sex partner. The market of dating apps has evolved immensely in the last years and if an user is somehow tired of using a specific type of app, then he will find a number of other choices that can suit him or her for sure.

The vast majority of them offers swiping and scrolling functionalities for matching people depending on their personal preferences, something that has recently arrived in the porn video sector as well with an original adaptation by Tik porn – the first AI optimized porn app – of the current famous and viral social media app, TikTok. Porn apps like, could be a temporary solution for everyone that might not find their perfect matching in the vast range of dating apps available in 2020. In order to summarize such varied options, we’ve listed below a summary of what we think are the leading ones currently.

Apps if your ultimate goal is a casual date (or a sex partner)

  • Tinder: the swipe movement that is seen today in the vast majority of dating apps, was originally adapted by the most famous app since the creation of this market and that has always led the way. Tinder allows the user to define a simple profile based on photos and descriptive phrases about himself to then foster interaction between users, until there is an ideal match in his or her surroundings.

  • OkCupid: this well-known dating app advertises that you can use it to find any type of relationship, ranging from longer-term relationships to casual dating. However, it is most used nowadays for one-night stands, after finding partners based on compatibility between people that is triggered after a relatively extensive form describing each individual.

  • mostly targeting US users, this app created by the famous dating site with the same, shows dozens of user options chosen based on their answers after an extensive form that you have to fill when registering. Your partner suggestions can be filtered in many ways and you can organized your possible matches into

  • Get down: perhaps the most straightforward of the apps present in this list, in terms of getting a “sex date”. It let’s you find and select what you think are sexy people, either to a “normal” date or directly to “hookup”. If you are willing to hookup, then you select “get down”. If both of you are interested in such scenario the app let’s you know through a notification, leaving the rest of such meet up, to the users.

If you are a gay, lesbian or bisexual

  • Grindr: used be gays and bisexual men, this app is perhaps the most known in this field and has reached several million users from more than 200 countries. It allows the user to search for different kind of men profiles and start a conversation immediately via chat.

  • Her: as the name itself implies, it targets the lesbian and bisexual community. Women that want to explore various options – from a girlfriend, to a friend in a new city or a companion for a trip, this app has been the most used specially by lesbians

Mostly looking to make friends?

  • Happn: similar functionality to Tinder by creating a match between users when both parties appear interested, being the great difference the geolocation of users, as instead of showing the users who are nearby, it also allows people that user’s have crossed paths in the paths. Such opportunity allows you to give a second chance person’s that you didn’t have the initial courage to approach in the first place.

  • Bumble: Targeting more women looking for men, the Bumble app has chosen to give the ladies an edge: when a call is made, they have to send the first message. If they don’t do it within 24 hours, that call goes away. However, men still have a card to play as if they are interested, they are able to extend it once for another day.
  • Meetup: if your ultimate goal isn’t only to make friends, but also to meet up with people that have same interests as you. The Meetup app let’s you find the closest events occurring depending on your ultimate goal, if it is to build up your career, for exploring a city, finding support, to simply get out of your comfort zone or pursue a passion.