Protect your smartphone and avoid accidents

Due to the economic effort that its acquisition represents and the objective of extending its useful life as long as possible, protecting the iPhone screen as well as all its parts in general is a task that is always present in the daily life of its users, therefore, we constantly resort to all kinds of strategies to expose these equipment as little as possible to falls or blows.

We all know that the iPhone screen is an extremely delicate part, however, as it is the surface that we must manipulate daily for the use of the equipment, it is essential to take the trouble to establish a series of rules or guidelines to completely reduce everything that represents vulnerability to the good condition of the glass.

Simple ways to care for your smartphone screen

  • Be careful where you keep your mobile phone: if it’s customary to keep your iPhone in your backpack or purse with your keys and other hard objects, then you should stop doing so immediately as you’re creating the conditions for the screen to start cracking and even cracking.

  • Avoid temperature changes: it is a fact that the iPhone screen can fracture in the face of suddenly changing temperatures, so it is wise to leave the iPhone screen in a ventilated space if it has been heated slightly outside, for example, before moving it to a too cold space.

  • Don’t take your cell phone to the beach: the grease from the sunscreen, the sweat itself and even the sand are all factors that go against a good screen, while putting it in a suitcase full of all kinds of objects is not a sign of caution.

Use a screen saver

The truth is that there are opinions in favour and against this suggestion, because, although it is an economic complement and easy to access, we know of some pros that make us doubt it.

First of all, the iPhone screen saver is the best alternative if you want to prevent the glass from getting scratched at all costs, so that the tempered glass becomes a great ally to add strength and continue to manipulate the device as usual.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that tempered glass sheets often cause the screen to lose its sensitivity in one way or another. In addition, it is most likely that these inopportune bubbles will form and attack the aesthetics of the equipment. If you don’t want to expose yourself to this, a delicate case can be a viable resource as long as you are disciplined and use it at all times.