The best apps to enhance your productivity

Using an attractive, efficient and intelligent task application can influence daily productivity more than you imagine. The differences between one system and another – especially when you manage multiple tasks each day – can end up making the difference between being productive and finishing the day without having completed everything as planned. There is also a need for planning your time ahead, so that you don’t get stuck in some sort of new web apps that are really well designed to keep you distracted and swiping content in your mobile phone every time your are changing between tasks (and I’m telling you this from a personal recent experience, while spending around 30 minutes, doing only swipe in a beautifully design porn app called Swyp porn)

Today, the solutions to this debate are almost infinite. Just open Google Play Store or App Store to find a wide range of solutions. Some of them are focused on team management, others on complex project management, and the remaining portion is simply focused on day-to-day tasks. But which one of them suits me best? To answer that question, we’ve put together a brief list of productivity applications and tasks you can find on the industry’s leading platforms that will meet your needs at any time.

5 ways to work more efficiently

  • Omnifocus: If you work with complex projects and multiple tasks, Omnifocus is one of the best proposals available in the App Store. It is designed for intensive users, and they will not be disappointed. However, there is a cost to offer: from $39 for both the Mac version and its add-on to iOS. They also have a career plan that raises the figure to $79 on the Mac and $59 on iOS.

  • To-Do: The old Wunderlist has been replaced by Microsoft To-Do. It stands out for its design, its free-of-charge and the large number of platforms on which it is available. However, the advanced features of the previous alternatives are not present in the new Microsoft proposal. It is available for iPhone, Android and Windows. It can also be accessed from the web.

  • Probably the simplest of them all. It offers all the features you may need for everyday life. It is also designed to be fast, intuitive and effective. It integrates with Google Calendar and is available for multiple platforms. It is free and available for iPhone, iPad, Android and web.

  • Things 3: Cultured Code recently released Things version 3.0, which includes major changes in both aesthetics and functionality. This makes Things 3 one of the best task management applications offered in the App Store and Mac App Store. However, such a set of functions has a cost: $9.99 (iPhone); $49.99 (macOS); and $19.99 (iPad). In return you get a project and task management suite with a wealth of options and an extremely attractive design.

  • Todoist: One of the best alterative, without a doubt. It makes use of artificial intelligence to structure and organize our tasks more efficiently, integrates with Google Calendar and has very useful features such as hashtags or intelligent text detection. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, MacOS and Windows.